ZeroRez is a traditional steam cleaner using large truck mounted extraction.


ZeroRez softens the water and treat it to be a high PH level.   They were thorough, and friendly.  However the carpet did take 11 hours to dry.


The Tech sprayed some kind of Orange scented chemical pre-treatment on our carpets which was unexpected, since their website promotes they only use only "empowered" water.  When we asked the tech said that they 'ZeroRez' the orange chemicals away....


So ZeroRez applies chemicals and claim its all removed by chemical free water? We hope so.  The Steam Truck had many chemical agents in their shelving racks and this made us wonder since their marketing claim is they use ONLY water.


Doing some research we are still verifying, we found that the empowered water is created using Sodium Hydroxide or 'lye' so we are not sure how much remains in the final rinse water and will update this site when we have more information.  Article.


One headache with all the Steam Cleaners including Stanley Steemer and others is they request you pre-clean and vacuum before they arrive.... What if you do not have a very good vacuum? Other companies like Fast and Green or Kiwi actually spend time vacuuming with commercial quality vacuums for you -


We feel ZeroRes is passing off this part of the job to consumers in order to get through jobs faster making more profit by having the customer vacuum for them.


If your sold on Steam cleaning, Zero-Res is probably your best choice for a truck mounted steam method over Stanley Steemer and others.

We took a few pics from inside the ZeroRez steam truck, we were surprised to see all the chemical agents and de-foamers since their website claimed they use ONLY water.

The tech sprayed orange chemical smell pre-treatment on the carpet but said he would Steam it out of the rug and leave no residue

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