Oxi-Fresh is a popular Arizona Option to high water use steam cleaners.   OxiFresh uses Chemical ENCAP 'encapsulation' low moisture approach to cleaning.  A Large growing franchise with several hundred tiny trucks all over the USA.


For the Green customers, they use Less water like fast and green.  They do not claim to be chemical free, just efficient with Water use making them green.


Although OxiFresh did a good job with Stain removal and the tech was friendly - Our #1 ranked company Fast and Green did equally as good at stain removal with all natural plant based solutions giving them the edge in our view.


OxiFresh is another good choice, but we are suspect of whats in their solution since its derived from the Laundry Detergent formulation of Oxygen based brighteners.


The Tech's just sprayed a mist of their chemical encapsulation solution on the carpet and then ran a bonnet machine with 2 drums looking like paint rollers that spin and rub the stains off the fibers.

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