The Best of Northern AZ winner 2 years running is Fast And Green Carpet Clean.


YELP and Angie's List 5-star rated.  They continue to win us over by with their optional use of Tea-Tree & Eucalyptus which we found unique and effective...


They aren't afraid to use chemicals if needed and the customer is OK with it.  Their powerful Plant Based   alternatives seem to do the trick for most carpets.


They carry both a low moisture system, and they also have a portable heated steam extraction process in-case needed.  So we liked that they have both processes and equipment to choose whats right for the particular carpet you have, whereas oxiFresh and Kiwi, only use a low moisture system and don't carry both styles of equipment.

CLEAN:  Carpet Looks and felt very clean.  Their Power Grooming process after cleaning really lifted the crushed down nap nicely compared to the other companies just raking the rug by hand.


SMELL: The Tea Tree & Eucalyptus smell lasted a few hours and we happened to like it so much, we wish it would have remained longer.   One company we won't mention here has grape scent added... Really? Grape ?  Don't I get to vote on this ?  Why didn't they tell me on their website that my home will smell like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a few days... But I digress...


Because Fast and Green's solutions are natural, when the carpet dries the odor is gone,  the other companies scented cleaning solutions tended to linger like a glade air freshener.


DRY TIME:  For me, I noticed the carpet felt nice on our bare feet.  It felt like the smell of the Dogs was totally gone, but I guess that makes sense since they use Tea-Tree Oil in deodorant and disinfectants, it just felt sanitized without that Lysol  smell.


Results are a very clean carpet and super fast dry time of less then 2 hours.

The types of systems Oxi-Fresh and Fast and Green use aren't the best for restaurant carpets, where High Heat is needed to break up grease and flushing is needed to clean in that situation.  Best to use Truck Mounted Steam like Zero Res, Stanley or Spots to really saturate the carpet.


If you have a residential carpet where its in extremely bad condition,  you might want to try company that would use some harsher chemicals but we were amazed what Fast and Green could do without them.



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